Click for a bigger image... Big Lizard In My Backyard       Restless, 1985

(c)1985 Fever Records
All song by The Dead Milkmen (c)1985 Golf Pro Music

o Dean Clean(Drums, BV)
o Joe Jack Talcum(Guitar, Vocals, BV)
o Dave Blood(Bass, BV)
o Rodney Anonymous(Vocals, BV)

Produced By: The Dead Milkmen and John Wicks except * (Spit Sink, Takin' Retards to the Zoo) produced and recorded by Mike Ace and Jonny Earthshore at DB studio.
Recorded and mixed by: Bob Dickie and John Wicks at Third Story Recording.


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  1. (1:43) - Tiny Town
  2. (1:57) - Beach Song
  3. (1:54) - Plum Dumb
  4. (1:29) - Swordfish
  5. (1:45) - V.F.W.
  6. (1:05) - Rastabilly
  7. (1:56) - Serrated Edge
  8. (2:06) - Lucky
  9. (1:57) - Big Lizard
  10. (1:30) - Gorilla Girl
  11. (2:58) - Bitchin' Camaro
  12. (1:55) - Filet Of Sole
  13. (2:03) - Spit Sink
  14. (1:55) - Violent School
  15. (0:46) - Takin' Retards To The Zoo
  16. (0:49) - Junkie
  17. (2:19) - Right Wing Pigeons
  18. (1:47) - Dean's Dream
  19. (1:45) - Laundromat Song
  20. (2:14) - Nutrition
  21. (5:27) - Tugena

Total time: 42:17

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Mike Brennan: The Dead Milkmen debut. They're letting know about how they plan to make people laugh with their snotty humor, especially with the racist jokes in Tiny Town, and a song title of Takin' Retards To The Zoo. The music can be very different. It seems like Tiny Town has better recording than the rest of the CD, and the voice can be a lot louder than the strangely mixed guitar, especially in the Beach Song.


I've had this one for quite a while now, so I can make a proper comment. After all is said and done, I think this is a classic for a reason, as debut albums so often are. There are a couple songs that don't really get me, Spit Sink and Filet of Sole, and Tugena is awfully annoying, but that still leaves you with 18 great songs. Fast, loud and stupid. Hurrah! Also who is Johnny Earthshoe listed on the Thanks in the booklet? Is that where the "Earth, Shoe!" part comes from in Labor Day?

Mike Brennan: I've only got a few things against this one. Rastabilly is kind of a boring song, but it does make a good live song. The recording is also extremely poor on Spit Sink and Takin' Retards To The Zoo(Even if they are both good songs). Tugena is also a boring instrumental and at 5:27 it got me knocked out cold. But enough of my cons. This CD has some great jokes, like the sacastic self insults of V.F.W. and about the view of a violent school in...well, you guess the song title. It's also got some catchy melodies(Filet Of Sole is the catchiest to me, just missed my greatest hits stuff). Overall, you should buy this, especially cause I hear it's out of print.

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Thanks to: John, Bob, Mike, Johnny Earthshoe, The Johnsons, Rocco Sacco, Electric Love Muffin, Psychotic Norman, Jacki and the DP, Doug Conn, Colin, F.O.D., Homo Picnic, Frank Loose, The Bison, The Philly scene, and anyone else we forgot.