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Frequently Asked Questions

OK, you can check here if a question has been asked 11,000 times, or just go ahead and mail me and ask me again. I don't care! Honestly, never be afraid to ask.

But just in case you want to use your brain, here are some answers to some frequently asked questions - firstly, about the site, and secondly, about the Milkmen and their music. This includes questions that have risen regularly on the official site's Message Board.

Site Questions

Q: Can you tab Milkmen Stomp/the really difficult solo of something I haven't done yet?
A: I will try and get to as many of the solos as I can, but remember that my skills are very limited. Stuff like Big Time Operator and Big Deal are a bit beyond me at the moment. As for Milkmen Stomp... No. Never. Again, sorry, but it's just a mess. Land of the Shakers is pretty hard too.

Q: Can you please tab Punk Rock Girl?
A: Uh, yes. I have. It's on this site. Go look for it, it's not hard!

Q: Can you please tab Cows With Guns?
A: Well, yeah. But it's not a Dead Milkmen song. It's by a guy called Dana Lyons and is the title track of an album which I don't have. For more info go to, because there is guitar tab there. However, because I'm so super nice, you can go straight to the tab by clicking here, or to a locally archived version here.

Q: No, really. Can you please tab Punk Rock Girl?
A: If you can't find it (hint: menu on the left) you don't deserve to have it!

Q: Why doesn't Joe tab out all the songs?
A: Joe probably has a life, and nothing to gain from spending hours tabbing out songs he was sick of playing 10 years or more ago. On the other hand, I have no life and desperately need the approval of other DM obsessed losers, so I've tried to tab them all out for you. They may not be perfect, but they're the best you're gonna get! :)

Q: That's all very nice, but can you tab Punk Rock Girl for me?
A: Aaaaaarrrrrggghhh! Die! OK, I give up! It's here!

General DM Questions

Q: What are their real names?
A: This is easy enough to figure out if you've got a couple of hours spare, a reasonable internet connection and a bit of patience. If you don't have all of these, simply click here and all will be revealed.

Q: How can I contact the Dead Milkmen?
A: Lots of ways! As I said before, Dean, Joe and Rod are often to be found hovering over the message board, or you can mail them directly from the Official Site. There is also a chat room that can be found from either JohnC's page or Funky Farm.

Q: Where did the Dead Milkmen get their name?
A: Apparently, the name is taken from renowned author Toni Morrison's Song Of Solomon, where a main character is called Milkman Dead. If you can believe that...