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The Site

This is just a short introduction to the history of the site, just in case anyone is/was interested. I first started compiling this about March/April 2001. I had been frustrated for years by not being able to find tabs for one of my all-time favourite bands. I finally decided to put my money where my mouth was, and get down to tabbing them out, which wasn't easy, cause I'm not exactly a great guitarist. I get by. And sometimes I can muster up the patience needed to work out solos.

There were a few DM tabs out there, and I "appropriated" most of those and stuck them here. Hope nobody minds, but I just thought there should be a definitive collection, the idea of which was to have every DM song tabbed. A lofty ambition, considering there were only about 12 or so tabs, plus 5 that Joe Jack Talcum put up himself, and 2 or 3 that I'd already done... But I was a uni student, and had bags of spare time, so why not? Hence the name, DM Guitar Tab PROJECT.

Most of the tabs were written in May and June of 2001. (A file from the 5th May says I had 22 tabs at that stage!) I was surprised how quick it happened, though I was working on them all day, every day. Almost managed to fail my last semester of university. :) Not that that's a surprise to anyone who knows me.

Since then, I've added to it gradually and have had some wonderful contributors, who I have listed below. I've also concentrated on making additions to the site to make it an overall Milkmen experience. Hence, the Jellyfish Heaven section of the site (named after one of my favourite DM songs). The main part of this at the moment is the Song Files section, which aims to collect all the information about every DM song.

Credits - in chronological order

Mike Brennan (lots of help with lyrics, bass tabs, and contributions to the song files)
Bucky Lewis (tabs, corrections, and also will one day do the Spinoffs section of the site)
Justin Daniel (tabs, and finding me a 2nd hand copy of Not Richard!)
Tom Chalifour (song info, tabs)
Adam LaSota -aka The Rube- (tabs and heaps of song info)
Technocow (tabs)
Cult Leader Lettuce (lots of song info)
Chris Davis (lots of song info)
Brian Demong (lyrics, song info)
Connie (lyrics)
Dan the Vinyl Man (lyrics) (lyrics)
DS (song info)
Allumi Chris (tabs)
Michael Shannon (tabs)
Geoff ? (tabs)

Thanks to all of you, and to anyone else who ever mailed me, especially those with some nice things to say to me. If I've missed anyone, let me know.

Robin Marshall & the Vinyl Copy of "Bucky Fellini"

Robin Marshall. If you ever by some chance run across this, I have still got your vinyl copy of Bucky Fellini which I've had since Year 12 (at Duncraig Senior High School in Perth, West Australia). Approximately 8 years ago. Or if Jim runs across this and can tell Robin. I've only seen Robin a couple of times since high school and I never manage to get hold of any way I can contact him. So Robin, you can have it any time! Just let me know how to get it to you. And sorry! But I've got it on CD now, and can give you a copy of all the others too.

Robin was the one who introduced me to the Milkmen way back when (some time in 1991 I think), after he was persuaded to buy Beelzebubba by a local record store. I've loved them ever since.

Milkmen and I

As I just said, I got into the Milkmen in 1991 from a tape of my mate Robin's copy of Beelzebubba. He got Bucky Fellini shortly after that, and then later lent it to me. And I kept it, because I'm a complete bastard. Back then, my favourites were Punk Rock Girl (I didn't even know it was popular, so it was still allowed to like it back then!), Life Is Shit, Bleach Boys and later Watching Scotty Die and The Badger Song. I wasn't so keen on RC's Mom (made me a bit uncomfortable, and my parents thought it was evil, so I didn't play it very loud) and Sri Lanka Sex Hotel used to annoy me (though I love it now).

I picked up a copy of Soul Rotation a year or two later. Didn't like it, and didn't think a lot more of the Milkmen in the intervening years, though I did still listen to the other two albums fairly regularly. Anyway, in '98 I was trying to find some music to buy, and ordered a copy of the new Death Rides a Pale Cow compilation. Loved most of the stuff (even though I now think that it's a fairly bizarre selection) and looked for more CDs. Over the years I've picked up some of the others from second hand shops and the like. Hard to find, but it's a thrill when you do find one.

And then, as mentioned before, I started this site up in about April 2001, and have found it to be an extremely enjoyable experience, especially meeting all the folks (and even conversing occasionally with the Milkmen themselves) on the FFA message board over at the official site. Nowadays, I even love Soul Rotation, and I've managed to at least get mp3s of the rare stuff, like the EPs and a bunch of cool live stuff.

As for getting other people into the Milkmen... it's never easy. You've got to find someone with a sense of humour, and also a musical sense of humour. Nevertheless, I think anyone who appreciates a great tune can find something in there. My friend Rodd is a fairly big fan and he has picked up quite a few of the albums. Also recently, one of my girlfriend's friends asked for a copy of Beelzebubba, but I'm yet to determine how she ever heard of the Milkmen. It's a rarity in Australia, I'm telling you.

About Me

More about me than anyone ever wanted to know.

Name: Ben Gladdle
FFA Message Board Pseudonym: The Tarantula
e-mail address:
Location: Perth, Western Australia.
Favourite Colour: Yellow.
Likes: Listening to music, playing guitar, reading, playing basketball, the FFA message board, cooking, eating...
Dislikes: Everything else. :)

Favourite Milkmen Album: Beelzebubba
Top 10 Milkmen Songs (currently):
     1. City Of Mud
     2. Six Days
     3. The Guitar Song
     4. Tiny Town
     5. Jellyfish Heaven
     6. Nutrition
     7. Brat In The Frat
     8. Big Lizard
     9. Labor Day
     10. Moron
Honorable Mentions: Bad Party, God's Kid Brother, Life Is Shit, Punk Rock Girl, Take Me Apart
Least Favourite Milkmen Songs: Don't Deny Your Inner Child, Let's Get The Baby High