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All Songs Written By The Dead Milkmen
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  1. (3:07) - Peter Bazooka
  2. (2:49) - Train I Ride
  3. (2:51) - The Girl With The Strong Arm
  4. (2:50) - I'm Flying Away
  5. (1:44) - Helicopter Interiors
  6. (4:03) - The Blues Song
  7. (3:32) - The Man Who Rides The Bus
  8. (2:07) - Don't Deny Your Inner Child
  9. (2:41) - When I Get To Heaven
  10. (2:21) - I Can't Stay Awake
  11. (3:29) - Crystalline
  12. (2:53) - Chaos Theory
  13. (3:38) - Khrissy
  14. (2:45) - Like To Be Alone
  15. (3:07) - Big Deal

Total time: 43:57

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The 8th and, unfortunately, final studio album. Not a favourite of the band, or the fans.


OK, it's not my favourite either... but at least it's longer than Not Richard! Big Deal, The Man Who Rides The Bus and Peter Bazooka are all pretty good, just as a whole the album isn't up to the usual high standard. I think this one has now been relegated to my least favourite, so don't start your collection with this one.

Liner Notes:

Government Warning:
OK, like, my cousin heard about this lady and she like found a baby alligator or a lizard or something in her beer and she got sick or something and I think she died.

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