Click for a bigger image... Metaphysical Graffiti       Enigma, 1990

(p) 1990 Enigma Records
All Songs By The Dead Milkmen (c) 1990 Golf Pro Music (BMI)

o No member list is provided.

Additional Personnel:
o Brian Beattie, K. McCarty, Stella Wier, Scotty Marcus appear courtesy of Bar/None Records.
o Sunshine Singers - Heron "Bub" Baggett, Justin "Time" Corsbie, Helen "Cool Breeze" Sullivan, Christine "Rainbow" Randolf, Julia "Ju Ju" Stewart, Mariah Rutter, Tyrone "Buck" Baggett, Graham "Walmart" Williams, Aren Rutter
o The Shyettes - Stella Weir, K. McCarty, Ren
o The Brown Nosers

Produced By: Brian "Bongwizard" Beattie
Engineer: Stuart Sullivan
Assistant Engineer: David Reckner
Recorded & Mixed: Arlyn Studios, Austin, Texas. January 1990
Mastered: Futuredisk, North Hollywood, California by Eddie Schreyer

Photography: George Moore


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  1. (3:36) - Beige Sunshine
  2. (4:40) - Do The Brown Nose
  3. (2:39) - Methodist Coloring Book
  4. (0:30) - [untitled]
    (1:49) - Part 3
  5. (3:06) - I Tripped Over The Ottoman
  6. (0:48) - [untitled]
    (3:20) - The Big Sleazy
  7. (2:09) - If You Love Somebody, Set Them On Fire
  8. (3:40) - Dollar Signs In Her Eyes
  9. (3:26) - In Praise Of Sha Na Na
  10. (2:56) - Epic Tales Of Adventure
  11. (1:59) - I Hate You, I Love You
  12. (1:59) - Now Everybody's Me
    (1:59) - [untitled]
  13. (3:49) - Little Man In My Head
  14. (3:34) - Anderson, Walkman, Buttholes And How!
  15. (6:36) - [untitled]

    - Song For Michael's Pipe

Total time: 52:35

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Song For Michael's Pipe - This is not actually a song, but an extra included in the liner notes. For more info see the song file by clicking on the song under the tracklisting section.

Physical Graffiti - The album title is a reference to this Led Zeppelin album. The cover art is even remarkably similar, except that the Dead Milkmen's version is a plastic toy building instead.


A patchy one, to my mind. Lots of great stuff, but some bad stuff that I sometimes have to skip (Anderson..., Beige Sunshine, The Big Sleazy). My faves are I Hate You, I Love You and Now Everybody's Me.

Apparently, it's Joe's favourite Milkmen album.

Liner Notes:

The imaginary section of the notes:
Lester Shy And The Shyphonics appear courtesy of Jerrock Records
Recorded live at P.J.'s Astrological Love Lounge, Owls Eye, Alberta, Canada, February 31, 1964.

Thanks To:

Thanks to Brian, Stuart, Robert Dodds, David Reckner, Howard Kramer, Jennifer Blair, Jay Cohen, Bill Hoffman, Dan Mapp, 1020 RPM, Mike Stewart, Cory Moore, Gibson Haynes, Jody Denberg, Ed Hall, State Of Mind, Buttholesurfers, Glass Eye, Paula Newton, Scott Marcus, Kristin Lindsay, Jack MacIntosh, Arkadelphia.