Click for a bigger image... Bucky Fellini       Enigma, 1987

(p) 1987 Fever Records
All Songs By The Dead Milkmen (c) 1987 Golf Pro Music (BMI)
Except: Rocketship - Daniel Johnston
and Big Time Operator - Jay Miller/Duane Houser (Jamil Music/BMI)

o Malory (Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals, Drum Machine, Sampler)
o Dave Blood (Bass, Percussion, Backing Vocals, Sampler)
o Rodney "Cosloy" Anonymous (Vocals, Guitar)
o Joe Jack Talcum (Guitar, Vocals, Whistling Tube of Plastic, Piano, Dobro, Sampler)

Additional Sounds By:
o Brian Beattie (Lap Steel, Percussion, Backing Vocals)
o K. McCarty (Violin, Backing Vocals)
o Sheri Lane (Backing Vocals)
o Dave Cameron (Percussion)
o David Reckner (Power Saw, Backing Vocals)
o Lee "TCB" Woulfe (Sample Source)
o Kim "Cookie" Cook (Backing Vocals)
o Dan Mapp (Backing Vocals)

Produced By: Brian "Mud Lounge" Beattie
Engineer: Mike Stewart
Assistant Engineer: David Reckner
Recorded: December '86 - The Firestation, San Marcos, TX.
Mixed: December '86, January '87 - Austin Recording Studio, Austin, TX.

Cover Art: (c) 1987 The Dead Milkmen
Concept - Dean Clean & Chris Coccia
Art - The Dead Milkmen
Photography - Chris Coccia & Laurie Seniuk


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  1. (2:17) - The Pit
  2. (2:18) - Take Me To The Specialist
  3. (2:02) - I Am The Walrus
  4. (2:44) - Watching Scotty Die
  5. (2:34) - Going To Graceland
  6. (2:53) - Big Time Operator
  7. (3:35) - Instant Club Hit (You'll Dance To Anything)
  8. (2:19) - The Badger Song
  9. (1:36) - Tacoland
  10. (1:58) - City Of Mud
  11. (2:48) - Rocketship
  12. (2:46) - Nitro Burning Funny Cars
  13. (3:34) - Surfin' Cow
  14. (2:19) - (Theme From) Blood Orgy Of The Atomic Fern
  15. (2:11) - Jellyfish Heaven
  16. (0:34) + [untitled]

Total time: 38:28

Lyrics to the whole album

Guitar Tab to the whole album


Don't know who or what Bucky Fellini is, but the cover art is presumably intended to be pictures by Bucky, who is age 8 according to one of them.

Another of the pictures on the front cover shows a nitro burning funny car, a surfin' cow, a walrus, a countdown (a la Rocketship) and what is presumably Planet X.


One of the best in my opinion. Has some of my favourite DM songs... Jellyfish Heaven, City Of Mud, Tacoland, Watching Scotty Die. And the famous Surfin' Cow, of course. The only thing that spoils the album (in my opinion) is Instant Club Hit, which is kinda funny, but is annoying to listen to more than once in a week. Only a minor complaint though, which results in this album running second only to Beelzebubba.

Liner Notes:

This album contains reverb; Don't try this at home.

Thanks To:

Dan Mapp, Lee "TCB" Woulfe, Glass Eye, Mike Stewart, Wink & Mrs. Tyler, David Muffomia, Daniel Johnston, Ram & Everyone at Tacoland, San Antonio, TX, Dean Markley - Strings & Sticks, Kurt Brenneman, David Wildmann, Frank & Jane Medvedik, David Reckner, John & Mary Bledsoe & the kids, Victor Guardia & Gary, Juli & Ilene, Chris Coccia & Laurie Seniuk, George Moore, Tracy Long & Jeff Hunsberger.