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(p) 1988 Fever Records
All Songs Written By The Dead Milkmen
All Lyrics (c) 1988 Golf Pro Music (BMI)
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o Rodney Amadeus Anonymous (Vocals, Guitar)
o Lord Maniac (Bass, BV, Channeling)
o Jasper Thread (Guitar, Accordion, Vocals)
o Dean Clean (Drums, BV)

Additional Sounds:
o Keyboards - Bucky Fellini
o Horns - Carl Spann, John Blondell
o Strings - Susan LaVez, Mark Williams
o Mandolin - Leann Zimmers-Cameron
o Accordion - Brian Beattie

Co-Produced By: Brian "Orchid Breath" Beattie & Mike Stewart
Management: David Reckner, Raw Ltd.
Recorded: Arlyn Studios - Austin, Texas
Thanks to Robert Dodds, Stuart Sullivan and Fred Fletcher

Photography: Chris Coccia
Special Thanks - Rodney Anonymous Sr.
Album Art (c) 1988 The Dead Milkmen


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  1. (1:05) - Brat In The Frat
  2. (2:25) - RC's Mom
  3. (2:21) - Stuart
  4. (2:09) - I Walk The Thinnest Line
  5. (3:40) - Sri Lanka Sex Hotel
  6. (1:52) - Bad Party
  7. (2:39) - Punk Rock Girl
  8. (3:48) - Bleach Boys
  9. (2:19) - My Many Smells
  10. (3:48) - Smokin' Banana Peels
  11. (3:29) - The Guitar Song
  12. (3:11) - Born To Love Volcanos
  13. (2:50) - Everybody's Got Nice Stuff But Me
  14. (1:55) - I Against Osborne
  15. (2:28) - Howard Beware
  16. (2:19) - Ringo Buys A Rifle
  17. (3:20) - Life Is Shit

Total time: 45:38

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Thanks to Rodney Anonymous Sr. refers to the fact that it is Rodney's father who is on the front cover of the album.


The fourth Dead Milkmen album and still my favourite. My friend Robin was the one who discovered them. The local record store owner convinced him that he needed this album some time in 1990 and I've been a fan ever since he played it to me.

There are other great Milkmen albums, sure, but every single track on this one is a winner. My least favourite track is probably My Many Smells, and it still makes me laugh. Faves include: The Guitar Song (which many people don't like, but I love), Life Is Shit, Ringo Buys a Rifle, I Walk The Thinnest Line; as well as the obvious fan favourites: Punk Rock Girl, Stuart and Smokin' Banana Peels. Possibly one of the most original and varied albums I've ever heard. Every single track sounds different.

Liner Notes:

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And again on the lyric sheet: Special thanks to everyone (including Tom Walsh)