Click for a bigger image... Soul Rotation       Hollywood, 1992

(c) & (p) 1992 Hollywood Records
All Songs Written By The Dead Milkmen (c) Golf Pro Music (BMI)

o H.P. Hovercraft (Vocals, Keyboards)
o Butterfly Fairweather (Vocals, Guitar)
o Dave Blood (Bass)
o Dean Clean (Drums, Percussion)

Additional Personnel:
   All Horns Provided by The Uptown Horns
o Arno Hecht - Baritone Sax
o Crispin Cioe - Alto & Tenor Sax
o Hollywood Paul Litteral - Trumpet
o Bob Funk - Trombone

Produced By: Ted Niceley
Recorded: The Warehouse, Philadelphia, PA.
Engineer: Eli Janney
Assistant Engineer at The Warehouse: Mitchell Krincun
Guitar Wrangler: Damon Hennesey
Mixed: Omega Recording, Rockville, MD.
Assistant Engineer at Omega: Brian Smith
Digital Editing: David Glasser at Air Show, Springfield, VA.
Mastered: Eddy Schreyer at Future Disc Systems, Hollywood, CA.
Management: David Reckner, Raw Ltd.
A&R: Steve Jones

All Art Work: (c) 1992 The Dead Milkmen
Photos: George Moore & Joe Jack Talcum
Illustrations: Dean Sabatino


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  1. (3:00) - At The Moment
  2. (4:19) - The Secret Of Life
  3. (3:24) - Big Scary Place
  4. (2:52) - Belafonte's Inferno
  5. (2:21) - The Conspiracy Song
  6. (4:55) - How It's Gonna Be
  7. (3:56) - All Around The World
  8. (3:34) - Silly Dreams
  9. (2:36) - Wonderfully Colored Plastic War Toys
  10. (2:39) - God's Kid Brother
  11. (2:28) - If I Had A Gun
  12. (2:18) - Here Comes Mr. X
  13. (4:31) - Shaft In Greenland

Total time: 42:55

Lyrics to the whole album

Guitar Tab to the whole album


The first album after the move to Hollywood Records with an increased budget and higher quality production.

Joe sings 10 of the 13 songs on this album, whereas Rodney previously sang a similar percentage of the songs.

I also read an interview where Joe says that this is the first album where neither Dean nor Dave sang any of the tracks. I take it this just means backing vocals, as they're not listed.


The first of the "different" Milkmen albums. The 5 preceding this were cut from a completely different cloth. Most Milkmen fans don't like the last 3 albums as much, but I still have a lot of time for this one especially. Sure, the songs aren't quite as funny, have a lot to do with UFO's and conspiracies, and there aren't any songs about volcanoes, earwigs, banana peels etc... but I still really like God's Kid Brother, How It's Gonna Be, Silly Dreams and most of the others. There aren't any that put me off either, which further raises the album in my estimation.

Liner Notes:

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