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(c) (p) 1993 Hollywood Records
All Songs Written By The Dead Milkmen
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o Dean Clean (Drums, Tamborine, BV)
o 11070 (Bass Guitar)
o Arr. Trad. (Vocals, Keyboards, Tin Whistle, Harmonica)
o Butterfly Fairweather (Vocals, Guitar)

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  1. (2:22) - Leggo My Ego
  2. (3:46) - I Dream Of Jesus
  3. (3:11) - Jason's Head
  4. (2:29) - Not Crazy
  5. (3:07) - Let's Get The Baby High
  6. (2:29) - Little Volcano
  7. (1:57) - Nobody Falls Like
  8. (3:16) - I Started To Hate You
  9. (1:56) - The Infant Of Prague Customized My Van
  10. (3:40) - The Woman Who Was Also A Mongoose

Total time: 28:31

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The second and last album from the Hollywood years (known as The Lost Years on the Restless "Death Rides a Pale Cow" compilation).

Joe again takes a major vocal role, singing half of these songs.


I hate to say it, but one of my least favourite Milkmen albums. I could forgive it for only having 10 songs (and being under 30 minutes!) if they were all great songs, but they're not. Let's Get The Baby High is just bad (and not as subtle as their usual efforts... yes, you heard me... subtle) and Nobody Falls Like really grates on my ears.

The other 8 songs aren't classics, but they're still pretty good, ensuring that even this one gets a regular spin. I really like the last two songs, especially.

When asked on the message board, Dean declared this to be his favourite Milkmen album.

BTW, I don't own a legitimate copy of this, so any help with the liner notes, thanks, details etc. would be appreciated.

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