Click for a bigger image... Chaos Rules - Live At The Trocadero       Restless, 1994

(c)1994 Fever Records
(c)1994 The Dead Milkmen

All songs written by the Dead Milkmen
(c)1994 Golf Pro Music [BIM]
Administered by Bug Music.

Recorded LIVE June 1992 and March 1994 at the Trocadero 10th & Arch Streets in Philadelphia, PA.

o Rodney Anonymous (lead vocals and keyboards)
o Butterfly Fairweather (guitar and vocals)
o Dave Blood (bass and backing vocals)
o Dean Clean (drums)

Live Sound: Dan Mapp
Stage Technician: Matt Dubin
Digital Recording & Editing: David Lounsbury
Mastering: Eddie Schreyer
Management: David Reckner
Booking Agent: Bob Lawton, TwinTowers
Accounting: William Hoffman

Album Artwork: (c)1994 The Dead Milkmen
All Photos: George Moore, Chris Coccia, David Reckner and Scott Dotterer
Design by: The Dead Milkmen and Pat Dillon


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  1. (1:50) - Tiny Town
  2. (2:14) - I Walk The Thinnest Line
  3. (3:42) - Smokin' Banana Peels
  4. (3:49) - Surfin' Cow
  5. (3:12) - Bitchin' Camaro
  6. (2:43) - Where The Tarantula Lives
  7. (2:16) - Nutrition
  8. (2:05) - Big Lizard
  9. (2:51) - The Thing That Only Eats Hippies
  10. (1:49) - I Hate You, I Love You
  11. (2:19) - Lucky
  12. (1:41) - V.F.W.
  13. (2:43) - Punk Rock Girl
  14. (2:21) - Stuart
  15. (2:13) - Right Wing Pigeons
  16. (1:02) - Rastabilly
  17. (1:34) - Tacoland
  18. (1:43) - Laundromat Song
  19. (11:17) - Swordfish

Total time: 53:24

Lyrics to the whole album


The tracklisting given on the back of the CD is wrong. The correct one is listed here. On the CD, tracks 14-16 are listed as 14 - Rastabilly, 15 - Stuart and 16 - Right Wing Pigeons.

Also, the last track (Swordfish) is a medley kind of thing that includes the song itself, some of the words to Instant Club Hit and Rodney trying to get the crowd to do the 3 part dance (monkey, junkie, honky). It also has (as a hidden track) a version of If I Had A Gun, which defies the ban imposed by Hollywood Records.

Stephen Freind - He is mentioned on 4 songs - Smokin' Banana Peels, Bitchin' Camaro, Where The Tarantula Lives and The Thing That Only Eats Hippies. It made it hard to figure out exactly who he was, as I was searching for the wrong spelling of his surname. It was kindly pointed out to me by someone known as DS, who directed me to this page. Stephen Freind was a prominent "pro-life" campaigner (as you can work out from the lyrics).


My girlfriend got this for me for Christmas 2001, off one of her friends. I'm not sure how this occurred, and I didn't ask. It's pretty cool, especially notable for the relentless Stephen Freind bashing that occurs in 5 or 6 of the tracks. Also, it gave me the chance to listen to a few Big Lizard tracks that I've only heard once or twice previously. The nearest I'll ever get to a live Dead Milkmen experience, anyway.

Liner Notes:

This album was recorded live using two microphones located in the concert hall. Editing of the shows was limited to removing restricted compositions controlled by Hollywood Records. Where possible songs flow without interruption in the order that they appeared during the shows.

Thanks To:

Special Thanks to the Trocadero: David Simmons, Jo Nguyen, Gary Ferenchak, Malcom Condie and staff

Thanks to our fabulous road crews: David Reckner, Dan Mapp, Joe Schulthise, Pat Smith, Stuart Frescas, Jeff Fox, Nick Pulachek, Matt Dubin, and Phil Sullivan

Thanks to our families, friends and fans.