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Tuesday 27th August 2013

Well, continuing my tradition of nearly annual updates, I actually have something happening around here for a change. You'll slowly notice the old pages being updated (no, not the puke green colour scheme) to accomodate new tabs as I hopefully get more done on The King in Yellow. Bear in mind that quite a few of the links won't be working just yet, but I will add all updated tabs as a link on this index page for now so you can find them that way, until they make their way on to their intended destinations. This also will cover things like the zip files and whole album tabs.

More importantly (and not in the category of vague promises) Tony Borrego has recently sent me some bass tabs that I've been missing. I'll get those up very shortly once I've separated them into individual tabs and again, I'll post them right here.

Monday 6th August 2012

Thanks to Will Hughes, who has finally got us going with a couple of tabs from The King in Yellow! He's done the bass tabs to The King in Yellow/William Bloat and Hangman! So thanks to him for getting the ball rolling.

I'm still getting the individual pages up for what I hope will be more to come, so for now just clicking the links above should serve just fine.

Ben Gladdle